Our Company Is Your Go-To Source for Moving and Storage In Philadelphia

Moving a home or business can be one the most complexed situations you could ever be in. The time it takes to carefully strategize and coordinate every sinlge moving part of relocating. We understand the time and costs that are associated with all aspects of moving even before you decide to hire a moving company. From finding a new place sometimes selling your old place, to dealing with banks or  landlords, signing tons of paperwork, packing and then worrying about having to move your belongings. We also understand the amount of trust that it takes to allow people that you don’t know to come into your home and load your life’s work into a truck and drive off with them. After all thats done, you still have to unpack and get settled in!  These are the reasons why it’s our mission to remove ALL of the stress on the back end of your moving experience.  We try very hard to do our part in ensuring that you have a smooth transition into your new home our business. 

At Keep It Moving, LLC. , we’ve built a reputation in Philadelphia and surrounding areas (including other areas) outside of PA, that drives consumers to our company in droves, wanting us to move their belongings.

We are not brokers or random internet advertisers, we do not sit and read from a script in an office all day and  trying  to guess what it will take to get your move done – we are actually professional movers ourselves.  Every member of our adminitration has at one time or another worked out on the trucks as a professional mover. So when we are speaking with you and preparing your estimate… we can identify, relate and simplify solutions to your moving needs within a budget that you will be pleased with!

About Keep It Moving, LLC.

Keep It Moving, LLC. is a privately owned and operated Moving and Storage company with a strong reputation in the Philadelphia community for our ability , to connect with our clients on a personal level.

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones that we’ve built our business on.

We have been awarded on several occassions for our merits! We do have to admit… with over 4500 succesful moves under our belt over the past 4 years. 98% of them have been awesome! We can count on one hand how many dissatisfied clients we have ever encountered. But after all we are only human and like everyone else, we have made our share of mistakes.  It is what we have learned from them and our ability to correct those mistakes, that has built and shaped the culture of Keep It Moving, LLC.

There’s no obligation to get in touch with us and see what we’re all about or to get your chance to work with us in Philadelphia.