Our Services 

Local Moving

Local moving is typically considered any move that is conducted within a 40 mile radius from the pick up location. Rates for local moving are charged by the hour. The price per hour is defined by how many movers you will need to conduct your move plus flat fees for the truck and travel costs. Keep It Moving charges for a 2 hour minimum plus a 1 hour trip charge on all local moves. We provide this service to residential and commercial clients.

Intrastate-Interstate Moving

Intrastate moves and Interstate moves are identical whem it comes to pricing . The difference is Intrastate moving is conducted within the same state and Interstate moves are considerd any move that involves crossing state lines. Moves of these natures are charged by the weight of your shipment plus truck and travel costs associated with the move. Companies are required by law to weigh their vehicle prior to loading then again once your shipment is loaded onto the truck. Such weighings are conducted by “Certified Weigh Masters” ordained by each state. Although it is not mandatory,  clients are often urged to accompany your movers during both weighings to ensure the accuracy of the cost of your move. Companies are required to furnish these weigh tickets from Weigh Masters usually no more than 20-30 miles from the pick up location. COmpanies get your price by subtracting the heavy weight minus your light weight to your hauling costs. There maybe other costs for additional services ordered during your move as well.

Labor Only Services

Some clients may not need to hire a company to conduct the entire move. There are alot more cases now-a-days where clients will rent their own truck, drive their own truck, but will only need movers during the loading or unloading process. There are other instances where clients may move from one unit in an apartment building to another unit within the same building and use our services for a few extra hands. These type moves are considered labor only moves.


Packing and Unpacking Services

Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a day and there is so many other things that you have to do to prepare for your move. Don’t worry, Keep it Moving offers full packing and unpacking services for those clients who may need some extra hands while  prepearing for your move or even afterwards. Packing means we will send out a team of Professional Movers to get you prepped for moving day. They will carefully and strategically inventory, pack all of your belongings into boxes, label them, and stage them for pick up. This is also includeds T.V.’s and electronics. Packing and unpacking services are quite convenient in the sense that it is the most tedious and time consuming part of the move. Having professional movers handle the packing and unpacking allows you to focus on the more important parts of the moving process. With this service you can either supply your own boxes and material or purchase them from us.   Ask us how!

Storage In Transit

Moving but your new place won’t be ready for a few weeks or months? No worries, we now offer in house storage at our Northeast Philadelphia location! Enjoy the benefit of knowing that we will be handling your move through and through. When your belongings are stored in our warehouse, each item is carefully inventoried, wrapped then sealed and stored in your designated vaults. Our storage facility is company ran and located indoors. Our facility is not accessible to the general public so you don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your unit. Our warehouse is safe and  secure equipped the latest in security features and very carefully monitored 24/7.

Shuttle Services

There are times when clients move into Philadelphia by other moving companies. Sometimes your goods are being delivered by tractor trailers. There are places in the city and surrounding areas where these enormous trucks cannot get to. That’s where we sprang into action! Keep It Moving will work with your moving company by send in smaller truck and the man power to get your belongings into the hard places. This practice is known as a Shuttle Service.

Cargo Van Service

Our Cargo Van Service is a favorite among clients that only need a few items moved or situations that won’t require having a larger truck. This service is ideal for college students, efficiencies, and or small storage lockers. In comparison to our regular moving services, this service is usually faster and inexpensive. Get all the same services that are included in a regular move at half the cost and time!